Until the Day Break, and the Shadows Flee Away Part 2

Yesterday,I wrote a blog on Song of Solomon 2:17 “Until the Day Break and the Shadows flee away.” This blog speaks about how you may be sitting in the dark circumstances of life but the Lord promises the Day Break is coming. I encourage you to read part 1. Part 2 talks about “what shall we do until the day breaks and the shadows flee away?” Enjoy      

And so it is with the state of church today and the world. Spurgeon writes, “The old spirit, and the old fire that once burned in the midst of the saints of God, is still there, but it burns very low at present. We want- I cannot say how much we want a revival of undefiled religion in this our day. Will it come? Why should it not come? If we long for it, if we pray for it, and prepare for it, it will certainly come. The day will break and the shadows will flee away. When others think our Lord to be dead and buried, yet resurrection power rolled the stone away. And that same Christ in whom our fathers trusted, the Christ of Luther and of Calvin, of Whitefield and of Wesley, that same Christ shall be among us yet in the fullness and the glory of His power by the working of the Holy Ghost upon the hearts of myriads of men. Let us never despair; but on the contrary, let us brush the tears from our eyes, and begin to look for the light of the morning, “for the morning cometh” and the day will break, and the shadows will flee away.”

       For you who have believed and prayed and sowed upon the hearts of men that you wondered if were made of stone. To those who have cast your bread upon the water for many days… To you who have walked the dark path with no sign of light, to those whose shadows of the past seem to chase and not relent…. To you I say, It is He who turns the heart of stone into one of flesh,  He that caused the tide that brought your seed to a bottomless ocean, it is He who shall doubtless return it multiplied once again. To those that stumble in the dark, He promises to be the light that brightens the path on which your feet tread. And to those whose shadows haunt and scare…. He is always shining at High noon blinding the phantoms of the past, for He is the shadow that turns not. And what great comfort we share knowing our Master promises to come at midnight and as Master William Bridge says, “…he certainly will come very soon, for it cannot be darker than it now is.” For when the Bridegroom comes and appears in glory, then shall the day break and the shadows flee away. And I just love how old Spurgeon says, “I seem to hear his horse’s hoofs even now.”

    “So what shall we do until the day breaks and the shadows flee away?  We are to be like soldiers on guard waiting for the dawn. He who has called you to this service knew it would be nighttime, and he has called you to night duty; and being put upon the night watch, keep your post…. Keep your eyes towards the East and look for the first sign of the coming morning. Watch! Look for every sign of His appearing, and be ever listening for the sound of His chariot wheels. Keep the candle burning in the window to let Him see that you are awake. Keep the door on the latch, that when He comes you may quickly open to Him. Hopefully watch until the day breaks and the shadows flee away.” CS

    Secondly, encourage also those who walk in the dark with you and cannot see Him. Let them know that He sees us and He knows all about us, and if they look closely enough they just might see Him “walking on the stormy waters in the middle of the watch of the night when their little boat seems ready to sink beneath the waves of the boisterous waves.” He is there looking to pass by you, to show you His glory and to stretch out his mighty hand. And then you might just find yourself on the sandy seashore seated at a banqueting table prepared just for you. Eating a feast prepared by the Master’s own hands.

   And finally what shall we do until the day breaks and the shadows flee away?  Pray that He comes, comes like He promised. This same Jesus, which was taken up into heaven, will in like manner come again. And when He comes the day will break one last time and the shadows will flee never to return and so shall we be with our Beloved and the mountains of separation shall be no more, for He who is the sun shall come and the night of uncertainty will flee never to return.


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