He See’s YOU!!!

Recently , I taught a Bible Study on the story of the widow of Nain in Luke 7:11-17. Nain , which means beauty, was about 25 miles from Capernaum. Perhaps years before the woman had lost her husband and on this particular day she would bury her only son. She and a band of mourners would walk down the road to the rock hewned burial caves, while at the same time Jesus, His disciples and a large crowd with Him just happened to be passing by. The widow of Nain  is just one of the nameless, faceless women of the Bible. She is a woman perhaps like you at times overcome with devastation, loss and despair. Her last precious possession now gone, her hope for the future now lost in a sea of uncertainty…. She isn’t looking for a Savior, she isn’t looking for a miracle- those days are past… But the Bible says, but yet….. “when the LORD saw her, He had compassion on her.” She wasn’t looking for Him but HE was looking for her. On that day the procession of death intersected with the procession of life and everything changed. When the two collided, the woman’s life would never be the same. Not only was the dead son brought back to life, but her hope was restored. Maybe you need a divine intersection, a divine intervention….  Maybe you today have lost all hope, but the story of this woman says to you HE SEE’S YOU!!!!! He is concerned about the things that concern you. He still is the God of the impossible. Those things that you thought died and all hope of restoration has past, He can shake the ground once more and cause dead things to come alive again.

The eyes of the LORD are upon the righteous, and His ears are open unto their cry. Ps. 34:15


14 Responses to “He See’s YOU!!!”

  1. Ms. Margaret Says:

    This is a great piece! I can just picture that place where the two roads came together and life over took death. With that in mind, I can’t wait until His life over comes all the different roads that I might have to travel. There is nothing else like the presence of the Lord over shadowing our lives!

  2. Debbie Baker Says:

    I love it Karen! Thanks, I needed that! LUG XOXOXO

  3. Holly Moeller Says:

    That is beautiful, Pastor Karen!

  4. Diane Hayes Says:

    Oh, how he loves us so! Thank you for sharing Pastor Karen. He never leaves us, nor forsakes us.

  5. Mimi Crabtree Says:

    Great Word, Karen ! Love the Blog! Blessings! Mimi Crabtree

  6. Dana Taylor Says:

    What a sweet word! Definitely needed that. Thank you.

  7. Jean Nelson. Says:

    That is an excellent word Karen. I need a miracle or devine intervention in the selling of my house. First, we need lookers. Our realtor is holding Open House this weekend. I am seriusly praying for the right person to come along. I am sure He cares for me in this because we need to get to FL to spend time and also help some with our grands.

  8. Wendolynn Allen Says:

    WOW!!! Pastor Karen, that is awesome. Psalm 139 says there is no place we can go to hide from His presence. Thank you.

  9. Courtney Garris Says:

    When I heard you mention this in your sermon on women’s retreat I really did want to hear more, It is so amazing to see How our Lord loves us so intricately and so timely, he know us and what we need and right when we need it! Thank you so much for posting, truly a blessed word.

  10. Heather Prosser Says:

    Love the word Pastor Karen! It really all about His faithfulness and His love for us. While we were yet sinners He died for us – it still blows me away!

  11. Venessa Matthews Says:

    This is wonderful! It brought tears to my eyes and hope to my heart! I love you for your dedication to Christ and to the women of God.

  12. Toni Arrington Says:

    KB- Awesome Word from God.. I am going to give this a lady in my bible study tonight…Well worth sharing!! I will apply that to me right now!!
    My Love and Friendship…

  13. Deborah Says:

    This was awesome. I felt it in my heart. You are our blessing. Deb

  14. Toni Nelson Says:

    It’s nice to know that it isn’t all up to me to look for Jesus desperately all the time. Perhaps he’s looking for me too. Surely we shall meet in the by and by, since neither of us is hard to find. I appreciate that thought, and the lesson, and you. Be happy. Don’t worry.

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